$100 Inspections

Why pay for an entire Home Inspection if your only concern is the roof?
Agents, do you have a buyer who really doesn't want to pay for a full inspection but has concerns over one or two areas of the house? Did you take a listing that may have a sub-standard electrical system or a worn roof? ThoroughSpec Home Inspections offers custom inspections for your Buyers and Sellers.
Every report delivered in writing with photographs at no extra cost
Offer peace of mind and Full Disclosure at a fraction of the cost of a full inspection
Any One System Inspected For Only $100
Any Two Systems Inspected For Only $175
Any Three Systems Inspected For Only $225
Choose from the following areas:
1. Roof: Includes roof walk (if material allows), chimney stack, venting/ flashing and Attic inspection
2. Electrical: Includes inspection of main and sub-panels as well as sample testing of interior outlets for grounding and polarity, GFCI testing
3. Plumbing: Includes indentifying plumbing type and condition, pressure testing and testing for leaks in bathrooms/ kitchen and water heater (Note: plumbing inspection of raised foundation must also include foundation inspection)
4. Foundation: Indentify foundation type and condition. Includes crawl of sub-area on raised foundations
5. Heating/ Cooling: Indentify type and condition of existing units, recommend repairs and further inspections if needed
6. Swimming Pools/ Spas: Includes pool/ spa surface, tile and equipment, operational and above ground leak testing included