Foreclosures & Fixers

Within the current market setting there are great opportunities to purchase homes under market value. These properties, while presenting great opportunity, also offer great risk. Typically the banks you deal with offer no disclosures, no warranties and no repairs and are sold strictly "as is". Purchasing under these conditions makes a Home Inspection an absolute must as every repair dollar will be coming out of your pocket.

Foreclosures are often cosmetically unappealing; the goal is to separate the cosmetic items from the real structural problems, that is, the items that can cost significant amounts of money when replacement is necessary. It has been my experience that many foreclosures look a lot worse than they are as it is simply a matter of neglect on the previous homeowners part and not actual age related wear and tear.

As foreclosures and fixers are the most difficult inspections, it is important to hire an experienced, competent inspector. There are many "internet trained" Home Inspectors and firms that have popped up in the last few years whom have only seen the best and brightest Real Estate markets. Having single handedly performed more than six thousand Home Inspections through the ups and downs of the market since 1992, I can tell you whether the home you are considering is a diamond in the rough, or truly is as bad as it looks. I feel it is important to point out the positive features of a property as well as its defects as these things must be balanced and weighed in your decision. Call ThoroughSpec Home Inspections, Inc. and make a truly informed decision on your next purchase.

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