I Work For You

The bank works for itself, the lender works for the bank, the appraiser works for the lender, the termite company works for the seller and you may or may not have hired your own Real Estate agent. So WHO’S ON YOUR SIDE in this complicated process? To put it simply, I am.

This information is valuable

I will thoroughly examine your new home reporting my findings in an easy to understand format full of illustrative photographs. My unbiased reporting will let you make an informed decision which may save you thousands of dollars in future repair costs.

I Encourage you to join Me
Though my report is written in an easy-to-follow format, I always encourage buyers to attend the inspection if possible. Through eighteen years performing inspections I have walked more than 8000 buyers through their potential new home. Some walk along with me, some fill out paperwork or talk with their agent, others measure rooms and discuss paint colors. Regardless of how you wish to spend the time it is my standard procedure to walk everyone through my findings at the end of the inspection, this gives a perspective that you cannot get from a report.
You can feel secure
As a professional inspector, I am Certified, Licensed and Insured. On this site you will find my qualifications, reviews, a sample report and pricing. My prices are clearly stated as I do not use bait and switch pricing tactics common in this industry.

Call or Text Mark at (714) 404-3392

I Look Forward to Working For You

Mark Kinder Owner/ Operator

Home Inspectors